Student Forum

Invitation to the Student Forum 2016 at the IFBLS 32nd World Congress of Biomedical Laboratory Science.

September 16, 2015

Dear Biomedical Laboratory Science Student,

Japanese Association of Medical Technologists (JAMT) honor to have opportunity for arranging the Student Forum to be delivered as part of the Scientific Program of the 32nd World Congress of Biomedical Laboratory Science in Kobe, Japan from August 31st - September 4th, 2016. The purpose of the Student Forum is to give current biomedical laboratory science students the opportunity to participate in an international meeting.  Advantages to students will be their abilities to set their own agenda in terms of establishing a program on issues pertinent to current and potentially future students. Importantly, students attending the Student Forum will have the opportunity to make network with their international student peers, in addition to be able to share their opinions with their current Biomedical Laboratory Science colleagues.

We are looking forward to having a large number of student delegates, preferably one from each member country. The Student Forum will consist not only presentation but also discussion in several topics. 

We are cordially asking for your help to inform all of your student members and then sign them up for this exciting opportunity to meet future colleagues from all over the world.


The official language during the Student Forum is English. The main topic of the Student Forum is "Advantage, disadvantage and perspectives of the students/scientists in Biomedical Sciences".  In addition to realizing the differences and similarities among the countries regarding education, profession and future, as well as the possible strategies for promoting international collaborations will be discussed based on presentation.
The Student Forum will contain three parts as follows:

  1. Students presentation and discussion in August 31st and September 1st.
    We will welcome multiple student participants from each country. However, only one presentation from each country.  We will make small groups when finish all country's presentation then start discussion to make summarize their opinion/decision.  Students opinion should have presentation at the GAD on September 4th.
  2. Public presentation in front of the IFBLS World Congress attendees and Japanese Biomedical Laboratory Science Students on September 2nd.

    Each delegate country BLS student please give short presentation (less than 10 min) about their country and school in English. Japanese delegate BLS student will accompany with each country for translate to Japanese and act as interpreter.
  3. Give the summery and/or conclusion at the GAD on September 4th.
    Attending students are going to present in few minutes by each small groups.

Preparation prior to the Student Forum

The students will receive a template of presentation, at least three month before they arrive to Japan. Participants should prepare a PowerPoint presentation at the student forum.
In parallel, please prepare introduction slide about your country, your school and your country BLS about in ten minutes.

Please contact to Hideo Sakamoto to register the Student Forum via each country society before July 31, 2016.
For further information or question on the Student Forum, please contact:
Hideo Sakamoto

We would be honored if you could join us.


Yoshifumi Miyajima
The 32nd World Congress of Biomedical Laboratory Science President, Japanese Association of Medical Technologists

Hideo Sakamoto, PhD
Chair of Student Forum Committee,
The 32nd World Congress of Biomedical Laboratory Science Professor, Kobe Tokiwa University